Piano Lessons in DUMBO Brooklyn!

Unlock your musical potential with piano lessons.
Absolute Piano Lessons Studio is proud to provide DUMBO, Vinegar Hill, and Brooklyn Heights residents with the highest level of piano and music theory education for 10 years and counting!


Our Services

Private 1-on-1 Lessons

Experience personalized one-on-one piano lessons tailored to your individual goals and skill level.
Beginner to Advanced!

grayscale photography of piano
grayscale photography of piano
Exclusive Discounts on Pianos

We offer performance and masterclass opportunities and can work with you for exams, auditions, and music competitions.

Music Theory

Master the fundamentals of music theory to enhance your understanding and performance.
We offer music theory lessons as separate individual lessons while also integrating theory into our practical piano lessons.

Performance Opportunities

As the educational partner of New York's oldest family-run piano business, our students receive a special discount on purchases at our partner store in Manhattan, Beethoven Pianos.

person playing piano
person playing piano
Practice Piano

Need a piano to practice on but don't have the space for an instrument at home? Contact us to schedule a practice time in our whisper room (w/ 48" Yamaha upright piano) at our lesson studio. More info HERE

Piano Tuning and Repairs

Is it time for your piano to be tuned? Click HERE to book your tuning with Beethoven Piano's team of masterful piano technicians.

Piano Moving and Storage

We have a fully insured team of movers, trained and equipped to move a wide range of pianos through a variety of conditions. Contact us HERE to have your piano moved by our NY Times featured moving team!
We also provide piano storage for those seeking a temporary home for their piano

Piano Sales + Home & Event Rentals

Beethoven Pianos has been serving the New York community since 1978- As the city's oldest family-run piano business we pride ourselves in providing you with the best instrument to suit your budget. You'll be sure to find your piano in our diverse collection of used, refurbished, and new upright and grand pianos.
We also offer a large range of pianos available for home rental, event/concert rental, or film and photo shoots.