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Get your piano tuned and repaired by our team of expert piano technicians!
A piano’s pitch fluctuates for a number of reasons including changes in weather,
humidity level, and how often the piano is used. We recommend that you tune
your piano every 6 months.
With flexible schedules, our technicians can accommodate most scheduling needs
you might have, making the process easy and light-weight for you.

Tuning is not the only maintenance needed for pianos. Even with regular tunings,
your piano's performance may still decrease. Therefore, regulating and voicing are other maintenances that ensure your piano is functioning to its highest standard. Action Regulation is the adjustment of the mechanical parts of the piano such as compacting felt, cloth, and wooden parts. These action parts need periodic adjustment due to wear and atmospheric influences. A home piano played an hour a day might need regulation once every 5 years, whereas one played all day by a professional will likely need regulation every year. Our tuner will regulate your piano upon request.

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