Piano Moving and Storage

Do you imagine people with the arms and build of a bodybuilder moving your piano? Not really! Although the movers have to be quite strong, it is far more important that they have a good sense of balance and the ability to size up the situation at hand. When moving a piano you are rolling through doorways or squeezing into elevators.
Protecting your piano is the first and foremost consideration. We use padding that enables us to protect the most vulnerable parts of the piano without adding bulk to the instrument (a very important consideration when there are only inches to spare).

At Beethoven Pianos, our New York Times featured fully insured team of movers are trained and equipped to move a wide range of pianos through a variety of conditions.
Unlike furniture moving, pianos require different skills and maneuvers. Our technique garnered from 40 years of experience, has proven to be the most successful. We also offer longer-distance piano moves, including most places on the east coast.

We also provide piano storage for those seeking a temporary home for their instrument. Our storage facility is a climate-controlled environment to ensure no damages occur during too cold or too humid conditions. Please use the form below to indicate a piano storage need.